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Typically, restaurants are renovated in intervals to stay up-to-date and relevant to customers. (It could be every five years, ten years, it depends on the restaurant.) Remodels can be disruptive to business and may even shut you down for some time, adding to the stress and difficulty of the process.

restaurant-remodel-storageStorage rental can help you reduce that stress and disruption. By renting a safe and secure storage space during your remodel, you can minimize mess, improve efficiency, and control costs. A portable storage container may even help you keep your business operational while the renovation is taking place. If you're a restaurant owner planning a remodel in the coming year, here's what you need to know. 

Why Shipping Container Rental?

Restaurants experience unique challenges during renovations. Many restaurants cannot be easily moved to a temporary location while their remodel is taking place. This leaves the restaurant owner to decide whether it's better to shut down or continue operations. Storage container rental can make this decision easier. 

Contain the Mess to Keep Your Restaurant Running

Remodels involve the use of tools, and often require business owners to move furniture, cooking tools, takeout menus and other items kept on hand. Many restaurants don't have extra space where they can place these items without stacking boxes and clutter in dining areas. Even if the restaurant owner can keep booths open and tables free for use, boxes and mess are bad for business. They can destroy the ambiance.

A storage container gives you a weatherproof, pest-free location that is not in your dining area where you can temporarily store items from your restaurant. Because the storage container is pest-proof, you're even safe to store dry goods in your storage container. 

Simplify Operations During the Remodel

Renovation activities can slow down operations if you're planning to keep your business running while the work is taking place. Depending on the scope of the renovation, construction work may interfere with cooking, cleaning, queuing, bathroom access, and other vital processes in the restaurant. Overall, inefficiency can slow things down, causing accidents, slower service, and frustration for employees, as well as customers. 

Storage containers make it easier to keep the renovation work contained, allowing your business to operate more normally than would otherwise be possible. Your customers are less likely to know that changes are taking place, and your employees will be able to proceed as if everything is normal. 

Expedite the Work to Reduce Costs

Contractors need an out-of-the-way place to leave tools and building materials. Having a special place designated for these items makes it easier for your contractor to proceed while keeping the construction area tidy and contained. If tools are haphazardly strewn about the workspace, or littered throughout the restaurant, your contractor may find it more difficult to get work done. 

Anything that can be done to keep tools organized and out of the way during your remodel can help speed up the construction process. Time is money, especially when a remodel is taking place. A fast remodel means less lost business and less inefficiency around the restaurant. The faster your contractor works, the less your remodel will cost.  

Keep Remodel Hidden from Customers

Restaurants rely on aesthetics to make their customers' dining experience a pleasurable one. Remodels tend to be ugly events, disrupting the carefully planned ambiance around your business establishment. A storage container makes it easier to keep your remodel under wraps, which can improve the customers' overall experience. 

The restaurant business is a highly competitive one, and many restaurants operate with slim profit margins. Anything you can do to keep your customers happy will be good for business. 

What Other Services Do You Need?

Storage containers are just one tool to help ensure that your restaurant's renovation will go as smoothly as possible. SiteBox Storage offers other services to help ensure that your remodel experience will be a positive one for you and your customers.  

Mobile Offices

What's in the backroom of your restaurant? Where do you reconcile the books and keep the receipts? Will this room be operational during your renovation? If not, a mobile office can give you a quiet, convenient place to get work done while the remodel is taking place. A mobile office may be helpful if you need a place to pack or process foods, answer the phone, manage online orders, schedule catering, and perform other administrative tasks that may be important throughout the workday. 

Mobile Refrigerator

If your refrigerator is removed, shut down, or moved during your remodel, you may need a mobile refrigeration unit to provide temporary storage of all of your costly perishable foods. Mobile refrigeration units offer a variety of cooling options, including deep freeze and dry cooler space. They come in different sizes and can be fitted with ramps for easy in and out access. This makes mobile refrigerators simple to load and use.  

Get Ready for Your Remodel Today

At SiteBox Storage, we provide a variety of portable storage options for businesses in many different industries and sectors. We deliver our shipping containers to your site and pick them up when needed. Payment is easy and can even be done online. If you need a lease-to-own option, we provide that as well. Contact us today to get started booking your portable storage container, mobile office or mobile refrigerator. 

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