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Over the past several years, the healthcare industry has been tested. Doctors, nurses, and other essential frontline workers have had their capacities to provide critical lifesaving care pushed to the limits—and one step further, so have the administrative staff who support them every day.

Hospitals and clinics overrun with patients have also been overrun with medicines, supplies, equipment, and patient records, and, in many cases, there simply isn’t enough room to accommodate it all. Fortunately, many in the healthcare industry have stumbled upon a convenient and cost-effective solution:

Portable storage facilities, like onsite container storage or mobile offices, or even a combination of the two.

While the important role portable storage facilities can play in the healthcare industry may have been a revelation for some, at SiteBox Storage, it’s something we’ve known all along. As one of the region’s leading manufacturers and distributors of portable storage units, we’ve been working with customers for years to provide immediate, on-site support to meet crucial medical needs. During that time, we’ve learned a lot.

Portable Storage Containers and Mobile Offices Are a Medical Records Storage Solution

We know that modular buildings are the perfect records storage solution, and medical records storage is no exception! Whether records are paper or electronic, portable storage facilities offer the perfect environment to keep medical files safe, while easily accessible. The privacy of personal health information (PHI) is important in the healthcare industry and while HIPAA compliance deals with a range of privacy issues, mostly dealing with electronic issues, there are also some nuances about security that container storage can help with, like providing a place for physical security if there is no secure space onsite, or an alternate space for server storage if office space is at a premium. 

Portable storage containers are readily available, some are already converted into mobile offices, and even combination storage and office. Commonly built from a solid-steel exterior (including the door), these facilities can keep personal health information private by creating a secure area, only accessed by your medical records professionals. As a bonus, they also keep potential pests, and inclement weather on the outside, while the medical records are within reach at a moment’s notice.

In addition, storage container units that have been converted into mobile offices can come equipped with an HVAC system to protect records from damage that could occur as a result of dramatic changes in temperatures or humidity.

Portable storage facilities Are Versatile for a variety of healthcare situations

COVID-19 has shown just how critical having a portable storage facility can be when it comes to a medical emergency.

From storing a surplus of personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, etc.) to serving as mobile testing sites, these facilities have helped reduce congestion in hospitals and clinics—freeing up space for additional hospital beds and lifesaving equipment.

In some cases, mobile facilities have been used as office space for frontline workers who have either been called back into the field or transferred from another part of the country.

While COVID-19 may have spotlighted the use of portable storage facilities in the healthcare industry, it is far from the only application.

For patient services, we’ve seen facilities used as mobile clinics at large public events, office space for physicians and nurses in rural settings, triage units at hospitals during medical emergencies, and, most recently, pop-up vaccination clinics.

Beyond that, these portable facilities are especially useful in meeting a wide variety of the healthcare industry’s storage needs. Whether due to expansions, renovations, or just a lack of space to meet the needs of a recent influx of patients, portable storage units can provide instant and ongoing relief.

Not only are these buildings helpful in storing medical supplies, equipment, and in some cases, even medication, they come in handy for storing everything from furniture to medical waste.

Five More Benefits of Using Portable Storage Facilities in a Medical Setting

Along with being secure and weathertight, portable storage facilities offer many other important benefits, including:

1. Convenience of Portable Storage or Mobile Offices

Portable storage units can be located right outside your door, which means when the time comes that you need a patient’s record, it’s never far away.

2. Container Storage is AFFORDABLE

As much as you may want to just add on to your existing facility, the cost of doing so can often be prohibitive. On the other hand, portable storage facilities are affordable and can either be leased for short-term use or purchased for a more permanent solution.

3. Storage Solutions That are Portable

The other great thing about portable storage units? It’s right in the name – they’re portable. Need it somewhere else on your site, somewhere else in town, or somewhere else in the country? No problem. Put your portable storage container where you need it most, there's little prep work needed. Most portable storage companies will simply pick up your unit and deliver it exactly when and where you want it.

4. Storage That's Scalable

Since portable storage units are modular, additional units can be easily added or taken away based on your changing needs—meaning your investment is never wasted.

5. Adaptability: Create the Storage Solution You Want

Portable buildings come in a variety of layouts. It's like getting customized storage containers for the healthcare industry, but without the extra costs. For example, there are completely open, storage-focused floor plans, office configurations, and even storage/office combos. In addition to these layout options, at SiteBox Storage, we even offer an entire line of accessories for your storage container. This includes things like shelving and wall dividers, ramps, and racks to allow you to modify your space to meet your unique needs.

Portable Container Storage Offers a Valuable Solution for the Healthcare INdustry

The healthcare industry is busting at the seams, and portable storage facilities offer a valuable solution allowing frontline workers to continue to provide the care that many in our communities desperately need.

Whether it’s one-time-use supplies, expensive cutting-edge technology, or critical medical records, these facilities keep materials safe, secure, and within arm’s reach—freeing up space in hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices.

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