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Your jobsite needs office space, but a permanent building is either not yet built or not even planned. What do you do?

You get a mobile office, that’s what.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, the next step is deciding whether you’ll get a ground-level, container-based modular office or an office trailer.

Luckily, that’s also a pretty easy decision – at least in our opinion. It’s ground-level, all day, every day.

Before we tell you why, it’s probably important to note that at SiteBox Storage, we only build ground-level mobile offices, and there’s a reason for that.

As an industry leader in the field of mobile offices, we’ve worked with hundreds—if not thousands—of customers throughout the region, and we’ve seen time and time again the benefits that ground-level, container-based mobile offices can provide.

And at SiteBox, we only offer products that we genuinely believe in.

The difference between a mobile office container and an office trailer

Before we get into why we prefer ground-level, container-based offices over office trailers, let’s quickly define what’s what.

Ground-level mobile offices are all-steel modular buildings that are built from modified shipping containers. They are delivered to your site and sit directly on the ground with little to no preparation. These mobile offices feature HVAC systems, lighting, windows, and a steel door.

Office trailers are built on a rolling chassis and are towed to your jobsite, where they will be unhooked and leveled. Because of the permanent chassis, office trailers sit above ground level and require stairs to enter and exit the facility. These mobile offices also feature all the comforts of a traditional office. However, their exteriors are often finished in paneled vinyl.

Benefits of ground-level, mobile office containers (over office trailers

  1. SB-Mobile-Office-or-TrailerOffices made from containers sit at ground level. OK, this one is pretty obvious, but we cannot express enough the convenience and safety of having a mobile office that sits at ground level. With office trailers, you must have a set of stairs installed, and those stairs must also be OSHA-approved. Not only is this extra step in the process (pun intended) both a hassle and an additional expense, but in our opinion, the finished product just doesn’t look quite as nice. Plus, it goes without saying that after a long day on the job, the last thing anybody wants to do is climb up and down a flight of stairs.
  2. Container offices are more durable. As we mentioned before, container-based mobile offices are built entirely out of steel which means they’ll stand up to virtually any environment you can throw at it. That strength becomes especially important if you plan to move your office to another location. That’s because, with office trailers, the wear and tear that comes with moving them, often dramatically reduces their overall lifespan to just a couple of years, while ground-level offices can be used for decades.
  3. Mobile office containers provide greater protection. Office trailers will not protect their occupants against severe storms or other potential threats, and ground-level, mobile offices are not tested and rated as storm protection. (We have some thoughts on job site tornado protection.) Still, the all-steel construction of ground-level buildings will provide your belongings with greater protection against possible theft. In addition, that all-steel design makes them both resistant to pests and the elements all year round.
  4. Ground-level office containers are safer. Just knowing that the stairs you need to add to an office trailer have to be OSHA-approved should tell you everything you need to know. Adding any tripping hazard to a worksite is a bad idea—unless you enjoy filling out worker’s comp forms for some reason.
  5. Office containers are easier to transport. You’d think the option built on wheels would win out on this one. But, in our opinion—it’s the ground-level option that comes out ahead yet again. When working with a distributer equipped with its own highly skilled transportation experts, ground-level mobile offices can be delivered with pinpoint accuracy. An expert delivery avoids the need for any heavy equipment to jockey them into position and can be picked up and moved just as easily.

To Summarize: why Ground Level Offices are Better than Office Trailers

So, there you have it. Ground-level, container-based mobile offices are more durable, safer, provide greater protection against theft, and are easier to move around.

If you want to learn more or are interested in finding out about the units available at SiteBox Storage, contact us today. Or, read more on our blog about how useful mobile offices can be.