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So, you've been poking around on the internet doing some research on mobile offices and have been a little surprised by what you've found—or rather what you haven't.


While kids' picture books have ensured us that we all need them, a shocking number of mobile offices don't actually feature one.


Well, we can't speak for the entire industry, but as one of the leading producers of mobile offices—and one that doesn't include restrooms in our own buildings—here are a few of the reasons mobile offices don't have restrooms.

Reason #1: Cost

The first, and probably biggest, reason why SiteBox Storage doesn't offer restrooms in any of its mobile offices comes down to cost.

While we always strive to meet or exceed our customer's needs, we are also keenly focused on offering the right products at the right price.

That said, installing restrooms in our mobile offices is something we have found would dramatically inflate our units' cost.  There would there be the additional costs associated with adding fixtures and plumbing itself, and on the customer side, there would water and sewage hookup. 

And, in our opinion, the benefit just doesn't outweigh the costs.

This leads us to our next point.

Reason #2: Need

Yes, we've already clearly established the need for restrooms, but the real question is—how often do you actually need one in a mobile office?

In our experience, restrooms within mobile offices are usually much more of a luxury than a necessity.

If your mobile office is going onto an active construction site, more than likely, it already has a separate unit for restrooms in place—or at the very least a set of port-o-potties. In addition, the facility you're constructing will soon have its own water and sewage hookup, so anything you do with your mobile office will just be a duplication of both effort and cost.

Reason #3: Access to Water and Sewage 

If your mobile office is going into a remote location—one far away from water and sewage lines—a dedicated restroom will not be of much use anyway. So, in the end, you'll basically just be paying for a two-room mobile office, one of which is much smaller and furnished with porcelain office furniture.

Reason #4: Space

If you either don't need a dedicated restroom or aren't able to hook it up and use it, it's just a waste of space. And, in all of our years in the industry, we've never had a customer come to us and tell us that they simply had too much space. In fact, we've found that whenever someone actually does have a bit of extra room, they always find a way to use it.

You will too.

The Convenience of a Mobile Office

We've been leasing and selling temporary storage since 1998, and mobile offices for almost as long. We take cues from our customers and the industry so that we can offer high quality solutions for worksite challenges. 

Yes, having a restroom within your mobile office would be nice, but it would come at a cost—both a financial cost and in the loss of square footage. And, in our opinion, it isn't worth it at this point. That said, we've come a long way from just leasing out containers for storage. In addition to our mobile offices and our office+storage combos, we also have a few stock layouts that are available so that you can customize the space you need. To find out more about these types of customizations or our mobile offices, contact a SiteBox representative directly.