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At SiteBox Storage, we've been helping our customers be more productive and better organized since 1998. Most of the time, that involves one-trip shipping containers, either as-is or modified.

Whether for mobile or permanent storage or mobile office space, we've got the box to get the job done. You get the amount of square footage you need, when you need it, in 8' x 10', 8' x 20', and 8' x 40' sizes. Straight forward, no-nonsense, affordable storage, either for rental or sale.

shipping-container-retailBut, I thought it would be fun to take a peek at what people around the world are doing with their container storage box options—people who don't just look at a shipping container as a place to keep stuff. But people who, quite frankly, look outside the box.

I've got a confession to make. I like boxes. Whenever the house feels a bit cluttered, boxes come in quite handy. I can't count the times I've said to myself, "Hey, this is a good box. I can use that sometime!"

I'll put it in the spare room for later deployment. And about two months later, I'll go into the room to break all those "good" boxes down to make room. Then, about two more months later—it's off to the recycling center.

But there are creative folks who take "boxes" to a whole new plateau. Honestly, I'm a bit jealous. People come onto our yards wanting to buy a used shipping container. Sometimes curiosity gets the better of me, and I've got to ask about it. That led me to look online about what people around the globe use storage container or cargo boxes for.

I was, in a word, amazed. And astounded. And, dare I say? Flabbergasted.

Residential Innovations for Shipping Containers

The rise of the tiny house movement might be part of the interest, but container storage cargo-container-houseboxes are used for dwellings. I recently watched a video where a young couple used three 8' x 20' storage containers to create a home that looked quite cozy and comfortable. Small hallways connected the three containers to create a kitchen/dining room, a living room with office space, and a bedroom and bath.

Shipping containers, like those at SiteBox Storage, have been used in many types and styles of modular housing. And while side-by-side installations are common, container storage boxes are made to stack, so a second floor is definitely an option.

Don't forget that shipping containers can be modified to create a secure, virtually vandal-proof garage for your bikes, motorcycles, and automobiles.

Aside from living spaces, smaller shipping containers can be modified to create workshops, yard and garden sheds, and even hydroponic farming enclosures. In fact, in some locales where farmland is at a premium or even nonexistent, some farmers use 40-foot shipping containers to help close the gap between the consumer and fresh produce.

Popup Commercial Use of Container Storage Modules

Sometimes called "Flash Retailing," pop-up shops are trending in many areas, particularly for vendors at open-air venues such as carnivals, concerts, sports events, and trade shows. While one end or both ends are hinged for easy loading access, one side is often constructed to open wide, normally using two swinging doors.

When opened at an angle, these doors can provide additional display space for the vendor's wares. And they close easily and can be secured when the shop is closed for business.

While often used for fashion, toys, and tech products, some are also used for "sidewalk cafés" and mini outdoor restaurants. Businesses like banks, offices, and brick-and-mortar retailers might find them useful when sponsoring barbecues or other hometown events.

While not exactly "pop up," shipping containers have been modified for use as temporary and even permanent office spaces. With a little ingenuity, they can be "camouflaged" so they don't look or feel like a storage box or container.

When they need to be customized, there are a wide variety of office and storage accessories available.

Out of Doors—Not Out in the Weather

We love being in the great outdoors. To quote a famous singer-songwriter from my era: "Sunshine in my shoulders makes me happy." But let's face it. Mother Nature can be brutal at times. Think about this, though.

Shipping containers are designed and built to withstand the rigors of the high seas. That means they're rugged, wind, and waterproof—everything you need to keep your gear safe and secure on hunting trips. I know many of my friends went to great lengths to build and maintain cabins and mountain hideaways for hunting and fishing trips. A 10-foot storage container might have been more comfortable once they conquered the logistics of getting it in place.

Sometimes, shipping storage containers have been modified with permanent plumbing to be used as outdoor lavatories and rest areas. Schools, colleges, and permanent event venues might find converting a storage container into a public restroom a feasible, longer-lasting alternative to expensive restroom construction. We've even worked with convenience stores on this very use.

Used storage containers are often modified to serve as mobile command centers and medical facilities during times of crisis and natural disasters. Built tough, they'll handle almost any danger thrown at them.

Used Storage Container Options— The Only Limit is Your Imagination

You know, with a blowtorch, grinder, welder and a little outside the box thinking, the uses for a storage container are limitless. I've seen them used for golfing simulators, hotels, bridges (yes, bridges), and even saunas.

Additional storage and classrooms for schools have been made possible as well. And in one city overseas, they assembled brightly colored shipping and storage containers to create an awe-inspiring work of art.

The ideas are endless.

But if you need a shipping container for any use, be sure to talk to one of our service representatives today. They may not know art but they DO know mobile office and storage solutions.

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Saynow that's a good box!