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Imagine you've rented an onsite storage container for the jobsite or other venue. You may not want to just stack your stuff on the floor in a jumbled mess. Keeping parts or accessories in boxes might help keep them organized. But often, it slows down access to them, adding time to your project.

Some optional accessories and modifications are available for cargo container storage boxes that make your jobsite workflow more convenient, more accessible, and more secure. Most are available for containers used for storage, for mobile offices, or a combination of both.

Let's start with one of the more unique options.

Bicycle storage made easier

You may have workers who pedal their way to work if they live near to the jobsite. For some, it's part of their fitness regimen. Wouldn't it be great to accommodate them with secure storage that's protected from the wind, rain, and sun?

Bike racks are available in 20-foot lengths, holding up to 25 bikes. The racks are sturdily fastened to the ceiling of the storage units. The bikes are hung securely by the tires. If hung on one side of the interior, the bikes are easily accessed by the riders.

But bike riders aren't the only reason you may need the rack option. In fact, bicycle retailers might find these are great for storing extra inventory. Depending on the seasonal weather, keeping additional bikes or new models may be made easier with temporary onsite storage. Stock up with what you need for the seasonal rush, and keep them securely tucked away in a cargo container, easing the clutter in your store's warehouse. Buying in bulk for seasonal offerings can save you money, as long as you can keep them secure.

A sturdy cargo container keeps extra inventory safe from prying eyes and thieves. And because they're designed to weather the storms, any inventory that must be returned at the end of the season will still be in pristine condition.

Make better use of wall space with Storage Accessories

Sturdy pipe racks are an option that you may find extremely useful on the jobsite. Plumbing pipes, electrical conduits, and even lumber can be stored off the floor, leaving up to 24" of floor space to store parts, accessories, and tools.  Pipe racks help keep things organized and accessible, saving time for retrieval and inventory management.

Along with pipe racks, you might want to consider optional shelving as well. Three-tier shelving can be installed against the wall to keep small parts, storage bins, tools, and small equipment handy. Their sturdy bracketed design can hold between 550 and 1100 pounds, and are 32 inches deep. And as with pipe racks, they still allow for storage floor space beneath them.

Give your storage box a split personality

Wall dividers, with or without personnel doors, can be installed to keep items separated by craft. Usually used in cargo containers with cargo doors on both ends, this is a valuable option to consider, particularly on busy job sites.

They can be used for two different crafts, keeping parts separated. Or, for some uses, the divider can provide storage on one end and a break area on the other. They can even be used to create separate office and storage areas—more on that in a minute.

Two simple accessories provide security and safety

These two options are ramps and locks designed specifically for cargo container use.

Container storage units sit directly on the ground, and worker entry doesn't require steps or handrails. But when moving bulky or heavy items in and out of the unit, a pallet jack, cart, or hand truck might be necessary.

Ramps designed for cargo container use save time and money instead of laying down asphalt or gravel for access. Easy to install, and safer to use for uneven surfaces, this is an option to consider.

Cargo doors are designed to be tough to break into. Therefore, the padlocks to secure them should also be as sturdy. You can rent or buy locks designed specifically for the latching/locking mechanisms on cargo doors. And to keep things simple, you can get them keyed alike for multiple units as well. The locks from SiteBox Storage are sized to fit container doors, unlike many padlocks available at discount stores and home improvement centers.

Cargo container storage, mobile office, or … both?

As mentioned above, wall dividers can be used to separate containers into two sections. This is commonly done with 20- and 40-foot units. But many times the container is used just for mobile office space.

Some units are prewired for lighting and electrical outlets. This can be helpful in any scenario: storage, office, and hybrid storage/office usage.

Many of our units are modified specifically to be used as mobile offices. They'll have grated windows, air conditioning units, and personnel entry doors on the sides. In addition, office units (and combo units) will have a 200-amp electrical panel mounted in the office section, and a communication panel will be installed under it.

Simple plan tables and built-in workbenches can be provided. The surface of the workbench is a Formica laminate with a stellar white finish and is located at the front end of the unit.

For units that serve double duty as an office and storage area, the storage section is unfinished, but does have a floodlight mounted on the wall, near the ceiling.

Of course, you can add your own accessories as long as they don't damage the unit's integrity. Be sure to contact the rental company for guidelines on that.

Storage containers converted to office space are in high demand, so you should contact the rental company in advance to ensure one is available for your project.

Mobile onsite office or hybrid units aren't just for construction sites. Any event where a quick and easy portable office setup is necessary could benefit from one constructed from a cargo container unit. Carnivals, fairs, outdoor music events, and more might be able to put these secure offices to good use.

To talk about your needs for onsite storage OR a preconfigured mobile office, talk to us today