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We've recently created a new brochure about some of the customizations that we now offer in our SiteBox units. Customization is something that we've gotten inquiries about for a long time, right along with the rise in popularity of building with and repurposing containers. Truth is, lots of business owners in many industries repurpose containers for storage. Some of them customize them for other purposes. And, we've done customizations here and there too, when the moment and the project were right. That's why it's so exciting to share this post. It's a project we've been working on for quite some time. 

When it comes to customization that typically means "completely customized from top to bottom.” That sounds costly, right? After all, it would require full design services, engineering, and planning - all before the manufacturing even starts. But, the reality is that when we started doing customizations of our SiteBox units, we realized that most customers asked for a few common specifications.

Realizing this, we decided to offer these specifications in a few made-to-order configurations. In doing so, we can save a lot of steps, which means time, effort, and money saved for you! We know it works, because we did this first in our RedGuard brand, with RediSuite, when we championed this concept of “pre-engineered” custom designs. 

Our SiteBox custom brochure will outline 9 common layouts that we’re offering in our customized units:

  • 10’ Laboratory
  • 20’ Mobile Office with Restroom
  • 40’ Mobile Office with Restroom
  • 20’ Restroom Unit
  • 40’ Restroom Unit with Locker Rooms
  • 20’ Data Center
  • 20’ Guard Shack with Turnstile Option
  • 40’ Tool Crib
  • 40’ Multi-Section (Mostly Open Concept)

Starting with one of these configurations could make it easier to get to the custom space you need! These designs have been used in construction, manufacturing, retail sites, and as portable labs. We’re open to your new ideas too! 

We're in the process of contacting folks we think might be interested in this concept, but if you've landed here on this blog post, let's start talking about your needs right away. You can use my calendar link to schedule a meeting with me to talk about your options!  

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