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Thinking Outside the Box

At SiteBox Storage, we have always been committed to delivering exceptional solutions for our customers' space needs. Over the past few years, SiteBox Storage has expanded outside of rentals and sales to provide some turn-key custom-modified shipping container structures. Shipping containers have increasingly become a go-to for modular construction, and in recognizing the potential for SiteBox to capture some of this market we had to think outside the box!

Harnessing Our Capabilities: Customization and Standardization

To ensure we meet the diverse needs of our customers, we embarked on a journey to understand our own capabilities. We examined past projects to develop a set of standardized products that we could provide for customers on a need-by-need basis. In doing so, we started a conversation with our SiteBox Customcustomers about other needs which resulted in projects for other custom-built structures.

Some of the most sought-after unit types we have built include temperature-controlled storage units, break rooms, specified office units, and storm shelters. Our commitment to superior workmanship, attention to detail, and our capabilities, have set SiteBox apart from our competitors. Our production team strives for high-quality workmanship and customers recognize it as superior. This quality, partnered with our products and brands, allows us to offer a turnkey option that is more appealing than others in the container modification market.

Our capabilities extend beyond just building structures. Because we are part of LANGE, we can offer special financing with Acquipt, partner up with Survive-A-Storm on a storm shelter project, offer protective structures from RedGuard, or work with LANGE Real Estate on potential developments in our markets. We believe every opportunity we pursue has the potential for exponential growth, benefitting multiple segments of our business.

Showcasing Our Success: Inspiring Projects That Push Boundaries

We have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic organizations over the past several years, but one of the most unique projects we have taken on is the bird atrium and research center we built for the Sedgwick County Zoo. The building was delivered to Honolulu, Hawaii in 2022. The unit is used to research and accommodate birds while bringing them back to full health when they have injuries. Our team incorporated skylights to allow natural light to flood in, further enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of the building. This project marked a significant milestone for us, as it introduced skylights into our portfolio of capabilities.

  SiteBox custom1sitebox custom2  

Another notable venture involved creating a 10'x40' guard shack unit for an industrial manufacturing company. Going beyond the boundaries of a standard shipping container, we crafted a high-end building with diamond tread steel flooring, stainless-steel countertops, and more than 20 windows. This project challenged us to explore new considerations and understand the unique requirements of unconventional structures.

   custom manufacturing siteboxcustom manufacturing sitebox 2  

What applications can container modifications be used for?

Shipping containers offer a world of possibilities beyond industrial applications. Their open shells provide a canvas for creative solutions limited only by imagination. Consider a trendy restaurant or a cozy bar constructed from repurposed shipping containers. Envision in-law living quarters that combine functionality and style in a compact space. Picture a cluster of units forming a modular office building, seamlessly adaptable to evolving business needs. With shipping container modifications, the potential for transforming spaces is truly limitless.

Continuing the Journey: Embracing Innovation

At SiteBox Storage, our commitment to innovation knows no bounds. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what container modifications can achieve. Our dedicated team is continually expanding our capabilities and developing new products to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

We value your input and ideas. If you have any opportunities or unique space requirements that you'd like us to explore, we invite you to share them with us. Together, we can create groundbreaking solutions that transform spaces and exceed your expectations.

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