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L & L Container Sales & Storage in Greenville, South Carolina, has recently completed a rebrand of their company, which includes a name change to SiteBox Storage. The family-owned company has been in the portable storage business for 22 years and was purchased in July 2019 by SiteBox Storage, another family-owned business in the portable storage space.

Customers were informed of the sale of the company at the time of the sale, and the company continued doing business as L & L during the transition to avoid confusion. As of May 1, the company completed the rebrand and officially is known as SiteBox Storage, making the name consistent at all their portable storage locations.

Like L & L Container Sales & Rental, SiteBox Storage aims to serve the community with a high level of service and top-notch products, such as portable container storage, ground-level mobile offices and office/storage combo units, for sale or rent.

About SiteBox Storage

SiteBox Storage is a regional leader in portable storage, providing service from locations in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas. The company is a division of RedGuard in Wichita, KS, which is known for providing customizable and scalable modular buildings for companies that require safe structures and threat mitigation. SiteBox Storage has been in business since 1998.