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In recent years, shipping containers have seen all kinds of creative uses with consumers, like custom homes and even as swimming pools. But have you ever wondered what they can do for your business? They can be just as versatile and cost-effective in your business as traditional building methods. Here are just a few use cases.

1. Build a Pop-Up Shop from a Container

Containers make great temporary retail space. They can be set up in a highly visible location like a shopping center, park or street corner. They add a fantastic short-term, immersive shopping experience and an exciting way for businesses to test a new product or concept. And, when you build them from a shipping container, you could save money on the structure itself while creating buzz about your brand or event. The structures are highly customizable, with options for insulation, lighting, and climate control, making them suitable for a variety of retail environments. Plus, they are easily moved, since they have holes for a forklift, so they can easily be placed and then later transported. And, because they are made from durable steel, shipping containers offer superior security and protection from the elements, ensuring that your products are safe and secure during your pop-up shop. This allows your pop-up shop to be set up quickly and efficiently, while keeping potentially expensive products safe.

2. Repurpose Shipping Containers to Improve Outdoor Spaces

Another great use of the shipping container is for outdoor spaces, like patios, decks and event venues. Shipping containers can be transformed into covered outdoor seating areas. These spaces can be used to expand a restaurant or cafe's seating capacity, or to create an inviting gathering place for customers or employees. With the addition of lighting, heating, and fans, shipping container seating areas can be used year-round in a variety of climates. We've even seen one use as a mini-theatre for a film festival's screening area. 

3. Shipping Container Offices

If your office needs extra desk space quickly, a shipping container may be the solution. They’re eco-friendly, since you will be giving a second life to an existing product, and speed of construction is a major benefit. You can add insulation, climate control, electrical, lighting, and furniture and then be ready to go. You can also add additional doors and windows for comfort and aesthetics. Plus, you can place your office “annex” practically anywhere on your existing space. Shipping containers can also be used as mobile workshops or classrooms, providing a flexible and versatile workspace for businesses on the go.

4. Shipping Container Accommodations

Whether you use shipping containers as a niche modern concept, or you want to add some additional rooms to an existing hotel, hostel or vacation home, there’s no question that people will take notice. And, in addition to the attention, there are a few great benefits. Like in our other use cases, shipping containers are an affordable building material that allows you to save on construction costs. They offer durability to withstand harsh weather conditions, and anything your guests throw at them. In addition, a shipping container can last for decades, and they can be moved around when you need them in other locations. These reasons, and their unique and modern look, are an appealing draw for travelers who want a distinct, out-of-the ordinary experience.

5. Shipping Container Storage

Perhaps our favorite use for shipping containers in business is the concept that got us started – storage. We’ve been leasing and selling shipping containers for onsite storage to businesses since 1998. We started renting them to refinery customers and they’ve also found their way onto construction sites, outside of retail big box stores, and many more. They can be used outdoors as self-standing storage, or they can be pulled inside of warehouses or shops to secure certain areas. Containers have wide doors on each end to allow easy loading and unloading and they can be secured with special locks. With the addition of bike racks, pipe racks, or tiered shelving, you can also make use of vertical space and maximize their potential. Plus, put up wall dividers to create separate storage spaces. The possibilities go as far as your imagination.

As you can see, shipping containers offer a wide range of possibilities for businesses looking to create unique and functional spaces. From pop-up shops to outdoor seating areas, offices, accommodations, and storage solutions, shipping containers can be adapted to suit almost any need. With their affordability, customizability, portability, durability, and sustainability, shipping containers are an increasingly popular choice for businesses looking to stand out in today's competitive market. Consider the possibilities of shipping containers for your next project. With a little imagination and creativity, the sky's the limit!

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