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You’re busting at the seams. It could be due to additional staff, a stockpile of inventory, increased seasonal demand, or all of the above.

When space is at a premium, it’s important that you organize your surroundings as efficiently and as intelligently as possible. That means maximizing whatever space you do have by surrounding yourself with only the things (and people) you need to get the job done from one day to the next.

At SiteBox Storage, we’ve been an industry leader in the storage field for decades and have worked with countless clients who have found themselves in the same situation. And in that time, we’ve identified what we believe may be the number one space killer of all time.


That’s right, the thing you probably hated doing in the first place has stuck around to make your work life miserable.

So, what do you do?

You can’t simply toss all of those important records (as soon as you do, you know you’ll undoubtedly need them), and you can’t just continue to hurdle over boxes of old files and documents every time you make a trip to the copier.

You need a portable office or portable storage unit.

Eight reasons portable buildings are perfect for record storage

No matter what industry you’re in, what kinds of records you have, or even how many you have, a portable storage unit can handle the job and help you work more efficiently than ever before.

Here’s how:

1. Portable Storage Containers are convenient

Unlike other storage options, portable storage units can be located right outside your door. That means if, or when, the time comes that you need those papers you filed away months ago, you won’t have to hop in the car and drive halfway across town, wasting valuable time and money. Just get a container, right-sized for your needs.

2. Shipping containers are cost-effective

Speaking of money, have you considered the possibility of adding to your existing facility or even constructing a whole new building? If not, let us save you the trouble. It’s expensive—really, really expensive. Portable storage facilities, on the other hand, are not and can either be leased for short-term use or purchased for a more permanent solution.

3. Portable storage containers are portable

The other great thing about portable storage units is that they’re, well, portable. Need it somewhere else on your property, in town, or in the country? Is it time to pick up and move the business? No problem. Most portable storage companies will simply pick up your unit and deliver it exactly when and where you want it.

4. Modular shipping containers are scalable

Since portable storage units are modular, additional units can be easily added or taken away based on your changing needs—meaning your investment is never wasted. 

5. Modular steel containers are adaptable

Portable buildings come in various layouts, like completely open, storage-focused floor plans, office configurations, or even storage/office combos. In addition to these layout options, at SiteBox Storage, we even offer an entire line of accessories from shelving and wall dividers to ramps and racks to allow you to modify your space to meet your unique needs.

6. Portable storage containers are secure

You always want your belongings to be safe. Still, when you’re talking about storing possibly sensitive, proprietary, and just downright important documents, you want a secure building.  At SiteBox Storage, our portable storage units have a solid steel exterior (including its door) that keeps unwanted guests out, and all of your valuable records safely tucked away under lock and key.

7. Modular storage containers are weather and pest resistant

Another benefit to a portable storage unit’s solid-steel construction is that it creates a weathertight seal that keeps both the elements and unwanted guests (of the furry variety) out.

8. Mobile storage containers are climate controlled

Whether paper or electronic, your records are susceptible to significant temperature changes. That’s why it’s important to note that most portable storage units come with available HVAC units. These HVAC units become particularly important in warm environments where rising temperatures can lead to an increase in humidity—paper’s kryptonite.

The last word on modular storage containers & records storage for businesses

If you’re being overrun by records and are looking for a safe, accessible, cost-effective, and flexible way to create space and work more efficiently, portable storage may be the answer.

To learn more, or find out about units available at SiteBox Storage, contact us today.