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Choosing a temporary storage solution for your business can be challenging. There are so many portable storage options out there, but SiteBox Storage containers were designed with your business in mind. While you may have heard good things about PODS and other companies in the past, PODS is a consumer-driven product that is intended more for helping individuals move than for businesses to use for storage.

SiteBox Storage is a B2B company that is better-equipped to meet the needs of both large and small businesses, with a large variety of options and extra features to give businesses of any size a great option for container storage.  

Only Pay For the Space You Need

We have several units available in different sizes to choose from so that you can rent a container that best meets your needs. PODS only offers three. We know that many of our customers are looking to get the most out of the money they spend on storage, and we don't want you to pay for more space than you need. Each of our containers is approximately eight feet tall, and lengths range from 10-40 feet. You can also decide whether you would prefer a unit with one door or two, an option that PODS does not offer. Our storage containers that have doors on both ends make it easier to access everything in your storage unit. 

Our Units are Built to Last

When it comes to deciding how to store your items, choosing a sturdy storage solution is a must. Our storage containers are a more rugged alternative to PODS and other similar companies. Because our containers are built to stay on site, while PODS focuses on moving services, we are able to use stronger and higher-quality materials. Choosing SiteBox Storage gives you peace of mind because our storage containers provide heavy-duty protection from the elements to keep your items safe 

Add-On Accessories Simplify Organizing Your Storage Space

Keeping your portable storage container neat and organized isn't quite as simple as stacking everything in an empty space. While PODS only rents containers, we offer a variety of optional add-on accessories to help you make the most of every inch of your storage space. Our 3-tier shelving, bike racks, wall dividers, and other extras make it easier to store large, bulky, or unusually-sized items without needing to spend more money on a larger container. By choosing SiteBox Storage instead of PODS, you can keep items of several different sizes organized and use more of the space in your container instead of paying for dead space at the top that you aren't using. While you're welcome to use your own lock to keep your belongings secure, we provide locks on request for your convenience. 

Use Our Portable Offices to Get Work Done Anywhere

Sometimes, your belongings aren't the only things that need a temporary new home. If you need to set up an office space at a temporary work site or your regular office is being remodeled, our portable office units give SiteBox Storage another advantage over PODS. These specialized units come with electricity, ethernet receptacles, an HVAC unit, and other accessories to keep you comfortable and productive in your portable office space. We prioritize making your life easier in any way we can, and the extra services we offer make us an attractive alternative to PODS and other companies that only offer a limited handful of options.  

Troublesome Deliveries

Look for reviews of PODS online and you're likely to find complaints about deliveries gone wrong, permitting problems, and waiting on hold for lengthy periods of time. That's not even mentioning the problems with equipment and the damage done when units are placed or moved. Companies like SiteBox Storage, with their own transportation teams, will deliver and pick up your storage units in a timely manner. And with SiteBox Storage's award-winning drivers, you'll find they have can place a unit in even the tightest areas with no problems. We have the right equipment, the right drivers and we deliver on-time. 

Our Customer Service is Top Notch

At SiteBox Storage, we know that our customers look for more than the best product when making a decision. We are always available to answer your questions before making a decision, and we make it a priority to deliver and pick up your portable shipping containers on schedule, while other companies may leave you hanging. We offer both by-the-month rental services and units available for purchase to best meet your company's needs. If you decide you'd like to keep your rental unit, our financing options make our lease-to-own program easy and affordable. 

Choosing a portable storage container doesn't have to be complicated. Our high-quality units, competitive pricing, and extra services and accessories make SiteBox Storage an attractive alternative to PODS and other similar companies. We have helped a variety of large and small businesses meet their temporary on-site storage needs. Visit our website today to learn more about what makes SiteBox Storage an ideal portable storage option for businesses, then contact us to request a quote!